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Welcome to a melting pot of people, flavors, cultures and traditions.

Located on Mobile Bay, just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Mobile, Alabama is a city rich in history, tradition and culture. One of the oldest port cities in the United States, Mobile is distinguished from younger cities throughout the state by her rich Spanish, French, African and Creole heritage. History is reflected not only in the architecture of Mobile, but in the cuisine and cultural diversity.

Mobile’s weather is greatly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. Summers in Mobile are consistently warm, but maximum temperatures are seldom high because of breezes from the Gulf waters. Winters are usually very mild. The city enjoys an annual average temperature of 67.5 degrees.

Along with great weather and rich heritage, you can also enjoy a wide range of activities when you visit Mobile. Whether you’re ready for a round of golf on one of our nationally rated courses, sight-seeing in historic downtown districts, or a day at the beach, Mobile has something for everyone.

Mobile is home to the official Mardi Gras in this Country, instituted in 1704, 62 years before New Orleans adopted the Celebration. Mobile is the Azalea Capital of the World, displaying more than 50 varieties.

Mobile is home to Jimmy Buffett, Hank Aaron and Winston Groom (to name just a few). Mobile hosts such national events as the LendingTree Bowl, Distinguished Young Woman, the Azalea Trail Run and the Senior Bowl.

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