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Nominate a Teacher, Grant Recipients

The response to this year’s “Nominate a teacher” program took the LendingTree Bowl by surprise. “Nominate a teacher” ran from September 20th to November 1st receiving almost 800 submissions, which was up significantly from the 131 nominations the previous year.

Through this program, the LendingTree Bowl chose 10 teachers to receive recognition and funding for their efforts and commitment to educating our children from the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation. Each recipient will receive $1,000 to utilize in their classroom to improve student learning, and grow their teaching resources. The Grant recipients will be recognized on the field during this year’s game.

This year’s winners from the “Nominate a Teacher” program are from Elementary, Middle and High School. The 2022 recipients are:

Shameka Florence, Kindergarten, Orchard Elementary School 

Shaniqua Rabb, 5th Grade Language English & Language Arts, Ella Grant Elementary School

Linda Check, Pre-K/Special Education, Kate Shepherd Elementary School

Christy LeGros, 6th-9th Grade Visual Arts, Barton Academy

BreAnna Matthews, 7th-8th Grade Language Arts, Lott Middle School

Justine Cauley, 6th Grade Social Studies, Grand Bay Middle School

Amber Simpson, 10th-12th Science, B.C. Rain High School

Bo Mullins, 11th-12th Grade Culinary, Murphy High School

Chastity Touchstone, 11th-12 Grade Science, MGM High School

April Bell-Bush, 9th-12th Grade Forensic Science, Williamson High School