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LTB “Nominate a Teacher” Update

The response so far to this year’s “Nominate a Teacher” program has taken the LendingTree Bowl by surprise. “Nominate a Teacher” started on September 20th, 2022. So far, we have received over 500 entries. Do not let the number of entries detour you from taking the time to nominate a teacher who has had a significant impact on your life. Nominations are still open and will be accepted until November 1st.

Through this program, LendingTree Bowl will choose 10 teachers to receive recognition and funding for their efforts and commitment to educating our children from the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation. Each will receive $1,000 to utilize in the classroom to improve student learning.  On November 10th the winners will be announced on our social media channels.

Last year’s winners from the “Nominate a Teacher” program went on to do phenomenal things with their grant. 2021 recipients:

Kelia Fagan, 8th Grade Language Arts & English, Grand Bay Middle School: Ms Fagan chose to create a classroom library filled with books that represent and highlight the diverse cultures and backgrounds of her students.

Brooke Young,  1st Grade, Mary B Austin Elementary: Mrs. Young used her grant to supply new books for a classroom library as well as providing more materials for her class.

Gabby Sicard, Kindergarten, E.R. Dickson Elementary: Ms Sicard provided learning centers in her classroom with her grant and invested in classroom necessities.

Dru McCleave, 7th-8th Grade Math Teacher, Pillians Middle School: Mr. McCleave used his awarded grant to include more whiteboards around his classroom to be more accessible and engage more interaction with his students.

Monique Weedon, 10th-11th Grade Chemistry, Baker High School: Ms. Weedon enhanced her chemistry classroom by using her grant for water filtration to decrease plastic use and aid in recycling.

Sandra Hardegee, 10th – 12th Leadership, Mary G. Montgomery High School: Ms Hardegee who used her grant to purchase adequate equipment and resources in efforts to help her students gain real world experience. These items will help in the classroom as well as in her efforts to host a leadership conference for the students at MGM.

Stanley Thompson, 6th Grade Social Studies, Semmes Middle School: Mr. Stanleyused his funds to purchase resources to teach and create projects that help his students learn and understand the history and impact of World War I and World War II.

Susan Napp, Special Education Pre-K, W.C. Griggs Elementary: Ms Napp is using her grant to purchase a new classroom rug. She stated in her pre-k classroom the classroom rug is a huge resource for learning and is where most of her class time is spent.

Vanita Wigfall, 12th Grade English, Blount High School: Ms Wigfall used her grant to provide a classroom library for her students along with upgrading technology within the classroom. Many teachers used the grant to upgrade technology to benefit their students learning experience.

Megan Freeman, Special Needs, Nan Gray Davis Elementary: Ms Freeman used her awarded grant to invest in devices to help facilitate her students’ speech.